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Partnership - Partenariat - asociación - パートナーシップ
Devenir partenaire - become a partner - convertirse en un socio - パートナーになる


Welcome On Psp Download Enabler (PC) (PDE)

Changelog (V1.00)
  • Mediafire
  • 4shared
  • New design
  • New system
  • New server

Psp Download Enabler is a website with the goal to enable you downloading from "file sharing website" using your PSP. Currently, only megaupload, mediafire, 4shared and zshare are supported.

Why should you use this?
  • Better download speed then a "Premium link generator" (aka. debrider)
  • Optimized for PSP, improved page loading speed and less pub (ads)
  • Intuitive design
  • Open to suggestion
  • I'm an awesome guy
Wait... WHAT?!?!? more faster then debrider?!?!?!?!

Yep, because my website is not a premium link generator... It's a normal link generator.
To understand why my website is awesome, you need to know how a premium link generator works. First, they download the file on their server (using Premium account). Second, they make a valid download link to the file and then you can download your file over their server. OR, they grab the premium download link, they try to "read" the file using php and while they read the file, you get notified to download your file. So mostly, while they download the file, you download the file.
Anyway.... you download your file using their bandwidth and that's why premium link generators are slow....

So, like I already said, PDE is a normal link generator.
It will get the download link and will display it.
Simply like that ^^ (but... that is only usefull for psp..)

Intuitive Design